From Tatiana Cherkas

We have known Alla and Dale for years – they represented our interests throughout both purchase and sale processes in San Francisco and Marin. They aggressively negotiated on our behalf during the purchase process, while overcoming unforeseen challenges that came up during the escrow (issues with your initial lender that was not able to perform). As a result of their negotiation skills, strategic thinking, and relationships with the other agent and local lenders, we were able to close on our dream home! Ultimately, their expertise, communication skills & relationships allowed for a smooth transaction despite the challenges. We also worked with them on the sale of our home and both of them assisted with professional property preparation (they knew all the vendors and stagers necessary to most effectively show our home), beautiful marketing materials including gorgeous website and managing all aspects of transaction. Both me and my husband have recommended this dynamic team to all our clients and friends!

From Dawn

I worked with Alla Gershberg at Paragon Real Estate for the sale of my 3 bedroom condo in Pacific Heights. She handled everything to do with the preparation and sale of my home with the utmost of professionalism and skill. I have had a decent amount of experience with real estate agents, having been through 5 buy/sell transactions (plus my mom is in residential real estate in New York), and I can say with absolute confidence that Alla is the best of the best!

Here are the key reasons I say this:

Alla is completely trustworthy. Her actions are focused entirely around her client’s goals and the end result.

Preparation and project management:
Alla and Dale had a complete and detailed plan regarding every inch of space in my home and everything that needed to be done pre- sale. This was a huge part of getting maximum price in the end. Alla coordinated all aspects of home repairs, painting, staging, and appliance replacement (basically a mini-remodel). She had all the right contacts and resources to get stuff implemented efficiently and cost-effectively (eg the stager, the painter, the handyman, the cleaning crew, etc.). Her attention to detail is fantastic. It made all the difference when it came to buyers’ excitement about my home. As she said, something like…. “2 months of preparation and 1 week of selling, rather than 1 week of preparation and months and months of selling”! The first scenario was what we implemented and it maximized the sale price (and our confidence that we all did our best).

Whatever-it-takes attitude:
There was nothing I could not ask Alla to do during the time we worked together. She coordinated and met with all the folks who prepared my home for sale… I was not living in San Francisco full time during the sale time so she was always the one “on the home front” making sure the work that needed to be done got implemented in a timely fashion… and with quality results. She or a member of her team even went over to do “gardening” and plant watering to make sure that my outside spaces showcased beautifully during open houses and showings!

Pricing and negotiation:
Alla and Dale know the market and have fantastic instincts when it comes to setting price and then negotiating. Alla also has a background in marketing and business and she certainly leverages those skills to a successful transaction. I am confident that the price she got me for my place was at least 5-10% more than others would have been able to achieve.

To top it all off, Alla is just a great person all around. She is extremely warm, friendly and fun to be with. This is important since of course the daily conversations and decisions are sometimes emotional and stressful – and its easier to work through those decisions with someone you like and trust personally.

– Dawn K.

From Sergei & Milena

sergei and milena

We were lucky to have this great professional team guiding us through a home-buying process in today’s competitive market. Alla and Dale would go above and beyond for their clients, and, of all the realtors we have worked in the past. Alla and Dale make the only team that I would recommend to my family and friends. Throughout this stressful process, we felt that our needs, preferences, priorities, short- and long-term goals have been placed ahead of anything else in this time-consuming and sometimes stressful process. They are amazing in their attention to detail and have always been by our side providing, and sometimes digging for, the data we needed to make informed decisions.

Their communication style is very proactive- keeping us and all parties to the deal up to date about the progress of the sale, dynamics of the contract, documents exchanges and next steps. We felt like we were the only clients, although we knew that Alla and Dale closed on several deals while were working together. Alla and Dale are super-organized, effective and have been willing to stretch their working days to nights and weekends accommodating our busy schedules.

I would have to confess that we were “difficult” clients, as we started our home-hunting journey without a clear picture of what we were looking for. Incredible patience, professional expertise, knowledge of a local market and neighborhood trends helped us to formulate our goals. Excellent negotiating skills and understanding of every aspect of complex financial transactions concluded the experience and won us the house we are so happy with!

– Sergei & Milena

From D. Kasten


I thought I had moved on since it was so long ago now that I lived there but seeing those amazing pictures brought forward lots of emotion… mostly happy ones but a little sad too… everyone keeps saying, aren’t you sad to sell and I have been fine until seeing this! It brought me to tears. It looks really amazing! Fantastic job by the photographer, stager, painter, handyman, floor guy, and ESPECIALLY YOU!

– D. Kasten

From Leonard, Georgia and Danielle

Thanks for all your support and patience in the purchase of the condo. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you. We especially appreciated your professionalism in the process, including your always prompt responsiveness to our concerns. Danielle obtained the keys to the condo late yesterday afternoon and seems to be quite pleased with the condo. Thank you again for all your assistance.

– Leonard, Georgia and Danielle

From Cindy Bonomi

Dale was a joy to work with. He guided me through the sale process from beginning to end and always answered my questions promptly and professionally. His advice was spot-on and I followed all of his suggestions with great results! If I buy property in the city again, he will be the only realtor on my list!

– Cindy Bonomi

From Richard Woods

Thank you! Congratulations to you and your team! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I hope that we get to do it again very soon. I really appreciate your professionalism! This has been the best transaction that I have had in many years by far. Thanks again for making it so great.

– Richard Woods

From Martha Richards

Alla Gershberg sold my house after only ten days on the market, and I cannot say enough positive things about her. Since I was selling the house I grew up in, it was an emotional process for me, and Alla was a wonderful ally through it all. She answered all my questions promptly, she was sensitive to my feelings, and she gave me thoughtful and well-researched business advice. So many houses sit on the market because they have not been priced or marketed well. Alla helped me pick a price that was right on target and then worked closely with the stagers to make the house look terrific and to create beautiful promotional materials. I give Alla an A+ on her work for me – she really knows how to build a buzz and attract buyers!

– Martha Richards

From Poonam

I want to thank you for being my realtor. You’ve always been honest, responsive and professional.
I’m grateful for all of your help.

– Poonam

From Aric Rubin

We LOVED working with you both. It was terrific from start to finish. It never felt like buying and selling. More like friends getting together to figure stuff out.

We never felt like things were falling apart or at risk. It always felt managed and moving forward. Terrific experience.

It’s almost worth buying and selling every year.

– Aric Rubin

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